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A New Kind Of Local Area Advertising

Are you constantly unable to acquire enough new leads for your business?
Tired of not being able to spend effectively on your advertising?
You think you don’t have the budget to spend on the more effective mediums like TV.
It’s not your fault.
We’ve spoken with a lot of businesses and know that finding the right place to spend your advertising budget is hard. With mediums that are too expensive or have reach that is too broad, advertising can sometimes seem too frustrating to bother with.
If you have ever felt that this is true of your advertising efforts, then Katana has the solution for you.

Clinic TV allows you to grow your business by advertising to suburbs you select through the use of Rich Audio Video Advertising, this means you can market your business to a captive, focused and targeted audience.

By advertising on Clinic TV, you will:

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    Reach your targeted market

    Even the local paper can’t have the level of location targeting that Clinic TV can offer by being able to advertise in individual suburbs you can ensure you are reaching your target market.

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    Advertise with greater results

    We have all seen and remembered a catchy TV ad because with movement and audio we are hardwired to remember this more than a static picture or some words on a page.

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    Increase customer recall rate

    TV as an advertising platform has the highest returns on recall rate so you know that when people see your ad. They remember it. Which increases opportunities that they will act on it.

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    Influence a receptive audience

    Reach an audience that is willing to spend on improving their lives and lifestyle and know that the money you invest returns results.

“By using Clinic TV we were able to reach the exact audience that we were looking for in a way that kept them (the customer) engaged to look, listen and remember our message, this in turned dramatically increased the rate in which our customers acted on what they saw”Saffron Grove

TV Advertising Is The Most Powerful Form Of Advertising There Is. It’s Proven!

The results of TV advertising speak for themselves, with the highest rates of audience advertising recall and the highest rates of post exposure action after viewing a TV advert, the only limiting factor that stops most business from spending on TV is the cost.
Clinic TV can have you setup-up with your very own 30 second audio video advert within 5 days to let you advertise your services to the area you choose on the best medium available that would normally be out of your budget. TV.
Imagine what it would be like to hear the phone ring all day with prospective customers, or having clients constantly walk through the door to buy the products and services you offer.
Katana has decades of marketing and advertising experience in all manner of mediums to bring you the best that advertising can offer. Clinic TV is the culmination of all that knowledge and experience in advertising to help you reach the audience you want on the best medium there is. TV.

A 2014 study by Ebiquity’s Payback 4 showed that TV advertising is twice as effective as the next best performing medium.

Media Effectiveness Index

Print Index
Radio Index
Online Display (Excluding Video On Demand) Index

Here Is What You Get With Clinic TV:

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    30 Second Audio Video Advert

    We will produce a full 30 second video commercial for you, showing off your business, the services you offer and any promotions that you want the customer to act on. The commercial assembled based on photos, video, and audio assets that you provide us to capture your business perfectly, as a bonus the ad is yours to keep.

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    90 Days of Advertising on Clinic TV

    With 3 months of advertising we give you the ability to reach out to your audience for a long time making sure that your message has time to persuade the customer that you are looking for.

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    12,000 Impression per region of your ad

    With one of the lowest cost CPMs available for video advertising we ensure that the investment you make into Clinic TV will provide some of the industry’s best CPMs making your marketing spend stretch further.

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    Two 30 Minute Marketing Consultations

    One of our media planners will contact and work with you to help craft an ad with a strong call to action that will persuade your audience to take action, be that by a phone call, sending you an email or visiting your business to buy the product or service you are selling.

As a bonus the first 100 businesses that sign up for Clinic TV get an extra 60 Days of advertising on Clinic TV in your chosen region FREE!
On top of this you will also receive two 30 minute marketing consultations by phone to make sure that the message you want to send out to customers is strong and persuasive.

And you get that all for just $1000

For as little as $12 a day you can advertise your business to an area you want on the most persuasive advertising medium there is. TV.
Act now as once all 100 spots are taken you will miss out on an extra 60 Days of advertising on Clinic TV in your chosen region FREE

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  • How will I know if Clinic TV will work for my business?

    The way we tackle this is to allow our professional marketing experts to properly analyse your marketing goals and issues.

    After that, we work closely on your messaging to ensure that you receive the maximum amount of exposure and conversions.

    As you know, it’s not about the medium, it’s about your messaging. If you are one of the luck 100 businesses that get a free copy of ““Katana’s Ultimate Business Marketing Guide” read through it and find out how to improve your marketing in the digital age.

  • How does Clinic TV operate

    Clinic TV acts like free-to-air TV that shows content such as Cartoons, Documentaries, Food and Travel Shows, that is segmented with breaks that included local news, weather and adverts.

    The TVs that are used in these Clinics are the main TVs that would normally be showing free-to-air TV stations but instead runs our Clinic TV Network to ensure their is no competition to your message cut through during operation.

  • What is included in your package?

    Every campaign that we run includes everything mentioned above as well as rich reporting at the end of 4 weeks that detail how many times your ad has been displayed, how much traffic your ad is being exposed to and proof of posting images of your ad on the screens.

  • What payment methods do you accept?

    We accept most payment options including, credit cards, bank transfers, bank cheques and PayPal.

  • Where is Clinic TV located?

    Clinic TV is located within high traffic private and public medical centeres, doctors surgeries and private practice medical services providers throughout Victoria.

    This ensures that you have a captive audience that has an average wait time of 30 minutes in a quiet and controlled environment ready to listen to your ad.

  • How does your design procedure work?

    Our team will work closely with you to create a high impact, informative ad based on the assets you send to us. Alternatively, if you have a current ad that you want to use or needs a little bit of tweaking, we can work on it free of charge.

  • When does payment have to be made?

    All campaigns need to be locked in with a booking form. Once that occurs we will work closely with you towards the posting date.

    Payment only needs to be made 5 days prior to the starting date of your campaign.

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