Facebook’s News Feed Update for Marketers

Maximizing your chances of reaching Facebook’s massive audience requires paying attention to algorithm adjustments. Facebook is continually shifting the path — some would say adding roadblocks — by making adjustments to its News Feed algorithm, the complicated set of rules that controls what people see on the social network. Facebook’s aim, of course, is to create the most interesting stream … Read More

How To Reach B2B Customers On Facebook

Time and time again, B2B marketers have heard, “Facebook doesn’t work for B2B”. That statement could not be further from the truth. What B2B marketers should ask themselves is; am I truly engaging my Facebook audience by sharing things they want to see and interact with? Facebook can be an incredibly powerful tool, if used correctly. But how to create … Read More

Facebook’s New Reactions: What You Need To Know

Facebook Reactions are essentially a jackpot of information for marketers, allowing them to gather more information about emotional responses to content and sponsored posts than ever before. Marketers will now be able to see a clearer picture of what their customers like–and what they love. Negative reactions will also help marketers to refine their messaging and get better at evoking … Read More

How To Use Psychology in Your Social Media Marketing

Human psychology is not only fascinating, but it can also provide keen insight into how consumers make purchasing decisions. By understanding the triggers that encourage consumers to take specific actions, your brand can take advantage of the opportunity to boost your marketing campaign’s performance. While psychology can be relevant to both offline and online marketing, implementing psychological marketing in your … Read More