Katana’s Mission Is To Help Small To Medium Businesses Grow.

We want to change the modern marketing agency.

With a focus on collaboration and partnerships we aim to grow with every one of our clients.

Honest in our approach, we aspire to give our clients a level of understanding that is an example for our industry.

We aim to provide the very best marketing techniques and strategies usually reserved for big business and bring them to our clients.

Marcus Ting
CEO & Founder @ Katana.

A Breath of Fresh Air

Katana. begun in 2014 when a group of Marketing/Sales professionals decided to find a solution to one of the biggest problems in the Marketing industry.

Having worked with companies such as ANZ, SpotJobs, Thai Airways, Calvin Klein, NGV and more. The team were used to working on $200,000 campaigns for big business.

Companies with the resources to invest in their marketing, no matter the cost.

The team felt that these solutions and strategies were simple in application and could be applied to any business in any industry.

However, it was locked away and saved only for the elite few who could pay a professional to implement and concept these strategies.

Something had to change.

Katana. was formed. Out of the 10 years of marketing experience the team had. Marcus Ting opened the doors in 2014 to Clinic TV Advertising. A revolutionary new way for Advertisers to display effective, captive and affordable advertising on a TV network.

Very soon after this, Katana. started working on our most important project.

Social Media Mad Men (SMMM).

Formed during our pursuit to help Small to Medium businesses grow . We’ve used these same industry leading strategies that big companies rely on to generate large amounts of revenue and apply these to every SMMM client.

Allowing our clients to own a team of marketing experts, who will concept, design, script, manage, upload and optimise all your Social Media Campaigns.

The game has changed, and businesses all around the world can benefit from a hassle free, no headache solution to Social Media Marketing.

We hope you join us on this journey and we welcome you to the Katana. Family.

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